How To Make Delicious And Nutritious Taro Chips

Taro Chips1. About Taro Chips

Taro chips is a food made from taro tuber as the main ingredient. This food is traditional food. Almost every region knows this food. Starting from small children to adults like with this taro chips. So, Taro chips are very suitable to be a healthy snack.

This food is very nutritious because taro tubers contain ingredients that are very beneficial to the body. Taro tubers contain Calcium, Protein, Vitamin A and Vitamin B. This content is very beneficial for the health of the body. Taro tubers are also used as a staple food substitute for rice because taro tubers contain lots of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. This is becoming the staple food of Mentawai people of West Sumatra and West Irian Indonesia, also made into flour. In addition, stems and leaves can also be used as animal feed. Taro leaves are often used for vegetables. Taro tubers are often also boiled and made staple foods that are favored by some people, and used for anti-swelling due to the content of substances in it. Read Too: Banana Chips

2. The ingredients used in cooking  Taro chips
  1. 1 kg of taro tuber,
  2. Salt
  3. cooking oil to taste,
  4. water enough.
3. Step to make Taro chips
  1. Clean the taro tubers, thinly sliced thin with the longitudinal direction.
  2. Take the pan, fill it with water. Enter salt, mix well.
  3. Put the taro tuber pieces into the salt water briefly.
  4. Prepare the skillet, then put cooking oil into it.
  5. Heat over medium heat. If it is hot, enter the taro tuber pieces that have been soaked in salt water.
  6. When inserting taro pieces into the pan, the oil should always be stirred so that the taro tuber pieces are not sticky.
  7. Wait until golden yellow and then drain.
  8. Taro chips are cooked, ready to serve.
4. How to Serve  Taro chips

Enter Taro Chips into clean, dry and tight bottles, with a glass of hot tea, and other snacks.