How To Make Pakis ( Fern ) Rendang Delicious and Nutritious

1. About Pakis ( Fern ) Rendang

Pakis ( Fern )  Rendang is a dish made from Pakis ( Fern ).  This food is the original food from Padang, West Sumatera, Indonesia.  Now Pakis (fern) Rendang is famous all over the world. Pakis ( Fern) rendang is eaten with rice and vegetables as a side dish. The delicious taste of Pakis ( Fern ) Rendang is very inviting appetite. To make this Pakis ( Fern ) Rendang other ingredients used are red chili, red cayenne pepper, turmeric, ginger, red onion, garlic, pepper, coriander, nutmeg, lime leaves and lemongrass.

Vegetable fern (Diplazium esculentum) is a kind of fern that is usually eaten by its young leaves as a vegetable by the people of Southeast Asia and the islands in the Pacific Ocean. This fern usually grows on the banks of the river or on the cliffs of damp and shady. Usage is usually made of fern curry

The existence of the use of red chili is many, making this dish contains many Vitamin C, provitamin A, and minerals that are needed by our bodies. Spices like turmeric and ginger are also very beneficial for the body because of its content. This dish also does not use cooking oil so it is healthier. If you like spicy food read too:  How To Make Beef Rendang Delicious and Nutritious

The ingredients used in cooking  Pakis ( Fern ) Rendang
  1. 1 kg of Pakis ( Fern)
  2. 100 grams red chili.
  3. 50 grams red cayenne pepper.
  4. 3 centimeters Turmeric.
  5. 3 centimeters Ginger.
  6. 4 centimeters galangal.
  7. 10 pieces of red onion.
  8. 10 cloves of garlic.
  9. 2 pieces of turmeric leaves.
  10. 5 lime leaves.
  11. 2 stalks of lemongrass, 1 seed of the nutmeg, 1 tablespoon coriander, 1 teaspoon of pepper.
  12. 1 coconut, take the coconut milk.
  13. The salt according to taste.
  14. Sufficient water.
  1. Step to make Pakis ( Fern ) Rendang.

Clean the Pakis ( Fern). Cut to taste. Blend the red pepper, red cayenne pepper, turmeric, ginger, galangal, red onion, garlic, nutmeg, pepper, and coriander.Prepare the skillet, then add the cleaned  Pakis ( Fern). Enter also the spice that has been smoothed earlier. Stir well.Wash the lime leaves and add them to the mixture of the ingredients. Add turmeric leaves, lemongrass that has been cleaned and washed,  coconut milk, enough water until the beef is submerged all over,  and salt to taste. Heat over low heat. Hold slowly. Wait until coconut thickens and is brownish. A delicious, healthy and nutritious Pakis ( Fern ) Rendang  is ready to serve.

  1. How to serve Pakis ( Fern ) Rendang

Serve  Pakis ( Fern ) Rendang in a clean, dry dish. Complete with rice and vegetables.

How to Make Pergedel Kentang (Potato Fritters) Delicious, Healthy and Nutritious

Pergedel Kentang (Potato Fritters)
1. About Pergedel  Kentang ( Potato Fritters )

Pergedel Kentang ( Potato Fritters )is a food made from potatoes as the main ingredient. This Pergedel Kentang (Potato Fritters) is often made by people all over Indonesia. This Pergedel Kentang (Potato Fritters) is a food that can be eaten directly, with yellow rice, plain white rice and often also eaten with soup. Pergedel Kentang (Potato Fritters) is made of potatoes as the main ingredient, then added with spices such as pepper, garlic,  celery, and eggs. Potatoes contain lots of carbohydrates so this potato stirring can also be an alternative to rice. Plus the eggs as a source of protein so that these foods are very healthy and nutritious. Pergedel Kentang (Potato Fritters) can be used as staple food. The smell after fried is very distinctive. It tastes savory and slightly spicy because there is pepper in it. Read too: Pergedel Singkong (Cassava Fritters)

2. The ingredients used in cooking Pergedel Kentang ( Potato Fritters)
  1. 1 kg of potatoes,
  2. 2 leeks,
  3. Pepper powder according to taste,
  4. 5 cloves of garlic, puree,
  5. Celery to taste,
  6. The salt according to taste,
  7. 1 Egg when needed, and  Cooking oil to taste.
3. Step to make Pergedel Kentang ( Potato Fritters)

Boil the potatoes until cooked and tender and then destroy it by squeezing.   Wash the leek then finely sliced and fry until browned.   Wash the celery then finely sliced.  Puree the garlic.    Mix the boiled potatoes that have been mashed earlier with a fried leek. Add the sliced celery. Add Pepper powder and fine salt. Add the garlic that has been mashed earlier. Mix well. If the dough looks not so sticky and worried as long as the frying pan broke, then add the eggs, stir again until blended.  Form round flat dough with size according to taste. Brush with eggs.    Heat the cooking oil in a frying pan. Fry the potato paste that has been printed earlier.   Wait until golden yellow, and drain.   A delicious, healthy and nutritious Pergedel Kentang (Potato Fritters) is ripe, ready to serve.

4. How to serve Pergedel Kentang ( Potato Fritters)

Serve Pergedel Kentang ( Potato Fritters ) in a clean and dry dish. Serve directly or with soup.