How To Make The Pergedel Singkong ( Cassava Fritters) Is Delicious, Healthy And Nutritious

1. About Pergedel Singkong ( Cassava Fritters )

Pergedel Singkong ( Cassava Fritters) is a food made from Cassava. Pergedel Singkong (Cassava Fritters)   is often made by the people of Pariaman, West Sumatra, Indonesia. Pergedel Singkong (Cassava Fritters) is a food made to be eaten directly, not with rice. Pergedel Singkong (Cassava Fritters) perfect for afternoon snacks plus a glass of hot tea. Pergedel Singkong (Cassava Fritters)made from Cassava as the main ingredients then added with spices such as pepper, garlic, green onion, and celery. Cassava contains many carbohydrates so this Pergedel Singkong (Cassava Fritters) can also for alternative rice substitute. This food is can be used as staple food. The smell after fried is very distinctive. It tastes savory and slightly spicy because there is pepper in it. If the fear of crushed fried time can be added eggs in the mixture of dough.

2. The ingredients used in cooking Pergedel Singkong (Cassava Fritters):
  1. 1 kg of cassava,
  2. 2 leeks,
  3. pepper powder according to taste,
  4. 5 cloves garlic and puree,
  5. celery to taste,
  6. the refined salt according to taste,
  7. 1 eggs when needed, cooking oil to taste.
3. Step to make Pergedel Singkong (Cassava Fritters):

Boil the cassava until cooked and soft. Destroy it by squeezing. Wash the leeks then finely sliced and fry until browned. Wash the celery then finely sliced. Garlic Puree.Mix the boiled cassava that has been mashed earlier with fried leeks. and then add the sliced celery. Add pepper powder and fine salt. Enter the garlic that has been mashed earlier. Mix well. If the dough looks not so sticky and worried as long as the frozen brown frying pan, then add the Egg, stir again until blended. 6 Form the dough like a regular potato dish with the size to taste. Heat the cooking oil in a frying pan. Fry the casserole dough that has been printed earlier. Wait until golden yellow and then drain. Good, healthy and nutritious a  Pergedel Singkong ready to serve.

4. How to serve Pergedel Singkong (Cassava Fritters):

Serve Pergedel Singkong (Cassava Fritters) in a clean and dry dish. Can also add green cayenne pepper to those who like spicy.