How to Make Sala Ikan Kakap is Healthy And Nutritious

Sala Ikan KakapAbout Sala Ikan Kakap

Sala Ikan Kakap is a food made from fillet snapper.  This food is made from basic ingredients of fish fillet, rice flour, wheat flour, and spices natural herbs are still fresh resulting in a distinctive aroma when fried. Sala Ikan Kakap is a food that is often made by the community, Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia. Taste of this food is spicy because it uses red chili and red cayenne pepper.

Sala Ikan Kakap is often eaten directly, but some also eat it using rice, and vegetables. Sala Ikan Kakap is often served at family gatherings until traditional events. In addition to snapper fish, can also use other marine fish such as squid and shrimp. Snapper fish contain Vitamin A and Calcium so it is very useful for eye health and bone. So, Sala Ikan Kakap is beneficial to the health of the body. Read Too: Pergedel Kentang

2.The ingredients used in cooking Sala Ikan Kakap
  1. ½ kg fillet of fresh snapper
  2. 400 grams wheat flour
  3.  100 grams rice flour
  4. 150 grams red chili
  5. 50 grams of red
  6. cayenne pepper
  7. 2 cm Turmeric
  8.   3 cm Ginger,
  9. 10 pieces of red onion,
  10. 10 cloves of garlic,
  11. 3 cm galangal,
  12. 1 lime and take the water,
  13. cooking oil, salt according to taste, and water,
3. Step to make  Sala Ikan Kakap

Blend the red chili, red cayenne pepper, turmeric, ginger, galanga, red onion, and garlic.   Clean the fillet snapper, and then drain.  Mix the fillet snapper that has been drained with spices that have been mashed. Stir well.   Add the lime juice, then stir until blended.  Add salt, mix well. Leave on for 30 minutes.   Add the wheat flour and rice flour, then stir until blended.   Add enough water to form the appropriate dough.   Heat cooking oil in a frying pan. Fried Sala Ikan Kakap dough that has been prepared earlier.   Wait until the reddish-yellow color and then drain.  Sala Ikan Kakap of healthy and nutritious is cooked and ready to serve.

4. How to Serve Sala Ikan Kakap

Serve Sala Ikan Kakap fish in a clean and dry dish.

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