How To Make Sambalado Mudo Teri (Anchovy Green chilli sauce) that is Delicious and Nutritious

Sambalado Mudo Teri (Anchovy Green chilli sauce)

1. About Sambalado Mudo Teri (Anchovy Green chilli  sauce)

Sambalado Mudo Teri (Anchovy Green chilli sauce) is a spicy sauce made from green chili which is smoothed as the main ingredient. This cuisine is also known as Samba Lado Mudo. The added material commonly added is anchovies. This cuisine is very famous in Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia. Sambalado Mudo Teri (Anchovy Green chili sauce) is a spicy sauce that is highly favored by the people of Padang and other areas in Indonesia. Every restaurant Padang must provide green chili sauce this

In the manufacture of Sambalado Mudo Teri (Anchovy Green chilli sauce) can be added various additional ingredients such as dried anchovy, Petai, and Jengkol. It depends on the taste that makes it. Most use dried anchovies. Addition of anchovies will add good taste to the green chili sauce. Anchovies contain the high protein needed by the body. Green chili contains very high Vitamin C. The number of ingredients from the ingredients makes this food highly nutritious.

2. The ingredients used in cooking Sambalado Mudo Teri (Anchovy Green chilli sauce)
  1. 150 grams green chili,
  2. 3 green tomatoes,
  3. 6 pieces of red onion,
  4. 100 grams of dried anchovy,
  5. 2 cm turmeric, fine milled,
  6. 2 cm Ginger,
  7. cooking oil to taste,
  8. salt to taste,
  9. 5 pieces of lime leaves, lemongrass, and water enough.
3. Step to Make Sambalado Mudo Teri (Anchovy Green chilli sauce)

Fried anchovy until dry, drain. Boil green Chili and green tomatoes for 5 minutes, then puree. Add the red onion, puree again. Puree the ginger and turmeric until smooth.Prepare the frying pan. Add the cooking oil. Heat. Enter green chili, green tomatoes, red onion, turmeric and ginger that has been mashed earlier. Stir well. Enter the lime leaves and lemongrass, stirring until blended. Add enough water. Heat with medium heat, then chill. When it’s cold, mix the dried anchovies that have been fried dry earlier. Sambalado Mudo Teri (Anchovy Green chilli sauce)is ready to serve

4. How to serve Sambalado Mudo Teri:

Serve Sambalado Mudo Teri (Anchovy Green chilli sauce) on a clean plate. Ready to eat with rice, vegetables, and other dishes.

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