How to Make a Delicious Gulai Kepala Ikan (Fish Head Curry)

1. About Gulai Kepala Ikan ( Fish Head Curry)

Gulai Kepala Ikan ( Fish head curry ) is a dish made from the head of the snapper plus the food is eaten with rice and vegetables as a side dish. The taste is spicy, sour, and savory coconut milk very inviting appetite. Other additives include Red Chili, Turmeric, Ginger, Red Onion. To taste the acid can use Kandis or Lime or Tomato, depending on taste.

The existence of the use of a lot of chilies and the addition of lime and Tomato makes this cuisine contains many Vitamin C, provitamin A and Minerals are needed by our bodies. Coupled with the presence of fresh sea fish heads that are a source of protein and minerals add nutrients to this dish. Spices such as Turmeric and Ginger are also very beneficial for the body because of its content. This dish also does not use cooking oil so good for people with high blood pressure or for people with high cholesterol. Read too : Gulai Ikan ( Fish Curry)

2. The ingredients used in cooking Gulai Kepala Ikan( Fish Head Curry)
  1. 2 medium-size Snapper Head,
  2. 200 grams red chili,
  3. 50 grams red cayenne pepper,
  4. 3 cm Turmeric, and clean the exterior,
  5. 3 cm ginger, and clean the exterior,
  6. 10 pieces of red onion,
  7. 2 pieces of turmeric leaves,
  8. 5 pieces of Kandis  or 3 pieces of Lime or 5 large Tomatoes,
  9. coconut milk from 1 coconut,
  10. the salt according to taste, and water enough.
3. Step to make Gulai Kepala Ikan ( Fish head curry) :

Clean the Snapper Head, remove the gills. Blend the red Chili, red cayenne pepper, Turmeric, Ginger, and Red Onion. Prepare the skillet. Enter the Snapper Head that has been cleaned earlier. Enter also the spice that has been smoothed earlier. Stir well. Leave on for 5 minutes. Add Kandis or lime juice, or Tomatoes ,  the turmeric leaves that have been washed, coconut milk and enough water until the fish head is submerged,  salt according to taste. Heat over medium heat. Support slowly so the fish head is not crushed. Wait until boiling for 15 minutes and make sure the fish is cooked. Good, healthy and nutritious Gulai Kepala Ikan( Fish head curry )  is ready to serve.

4. How to serve Gulai Kepala Ikan ( Fish Head curry )

Serve the Gulai Kepala Ikan ( Fish head curry ) in a clean, dry dish. Complete with rice and vegetables.

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