How To Make Fried Crispy Banana Chocolate Delicious And Nutritious

1. About Fried Crispy Banana Chocolate

Fried Crispy Banana Chocolate is a food made from banana as the main ingredient. Other additives are wheat flour, rice flour, and chocolate. Fried Crispy Banana Chocolate is very nutritious because bananas contain ingredients that are very beneficial to the body. The benefits of bananas are high in fiber so good for digestion and heart health. Bananas also contain Vitamin B6 which works for the production of insulin, hemoglobin, essential amino acids and antibodies. This also contains high Vitamin C which serves as an important antioxidant that neutralizes harmful free radicals in the body. Bananas are also good for anemia because they contain high iron which is useful in the formation of red blood cells.

There are several types of bananas that can be made Fried Crispy Banana Chocolatenamely Banana King, Banana Uli, Banana Kepok and Banana Horn. The addition of a mixture of wheat flour and rice flour makes this food very crispy. The existence of the last added chocolate adds a delicious Fried Crispy Banana Chocolate. Read too: Pergedel Kentang

2. The ingredients used in cooking  Fried Crispy Banana Chocolate
  1. 1 bunch of Kepok Banana,
  2. 200 grams of wheat flour,
  3. 100 grams of rice flour,
  4. smooth salt to taste,
  5. 1 tablespoon granulated sugar,
  6. cooking oil to taste, and water enough.
3. Step to make Fried Crispy Banana Chocolate:

Take a banana, then divide into three parts. Combine flour and rice flour in a pan. Add the sugar, salt and stir well. Add enough water until it becomes the appropriate dough and stir well. Prepare the skillet. Add cooking oil and then heat.  When the cooking oil is hot, dip the banana in the dough, then put it into the hot oil.Wait until golden yellow and drain.  Place the banana fry on a plate, then apply liquid chocolate to the top. Fried Crispy Banana Chocolate is delicious, healthy and nutritious is cooked, ready to serve.

4. How to Serve Fried Crispy Banana Chocolate:

Serve Fried Crispy Banana Chocolate in a clean and dry dish. Serve directly with a glass of hot tea.



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