How To Make A Delicious, Healthy And Nutritious Green Chili Fish


 About Green Chili Fish

Green Chili Fish is a food made from the basic ingredients of Fish and Chili Green. Fish used mainly marine fish. Fish commonly made for Green Chili Fish is Tuna Fish, Flat Fish, Snapper or Fish Grouper. This food is eaten together with rice and vegetables. In addition to Fish and Chili green, other ingredients used are Lime or Green Tomato, and Onion. Its spicy flavor makes this food is much favored by the spicy people.

Because many are fond of this dish then this Green Chili Fish can be found almost every Restaurant Padang. The existence of chili and lime or green tomatoes make this dish contains many Vitamin C and Provitamin A. Fresh sea fish will certainly be a source of animal protein and minerals that are needed by the human body. Thus the Green Chili Fish dish is very healthy and nutritious to be a side dish with rice and vegetables. Read too: Dendeng Balado

2. Ingredients used in cooking  Green Chili Fish:
  1. 1 kg of  Tuna fish,
  2. 250 grams green chili,
  3. 50 grams of green cayenne pepper,
  4. 4 cm turmeric,
  5. 10 pieces of red onion,
  6. 2 pieces of lime or 3 pieces Large green tomatoes,
  7. cooking oil to taste, salt according to taste.

3. Step to make Green Chili Fish:

  1. Cut the Tuna Fish according to taste.
  2. Dispose of the gills, then clean until no more fish blood.
  3. Blend turmeric and salt. Mix with the fish that had been cleaned earlier.
  4. Allow for 15 minutes for the spices to soak in the Fish Tongkol or the Tuna.
  5. Slice green chili, green cayenne pepper, red onion and green Tomato. This is when using tomatoes. Fried fish that has been flavored everything. Prepare the skillet. Enter the cooking oil then heat. Sliced three pieces of red onion, put in the hot oil in the pan. After the yellow onion, enter the green chili, green chili Rawit and green tomatoes that have been sliced earlier. Add a little water. Stir until the green Chili looks wilted and cooked. If you do not use tomatoes, can use lemon juice to get the sour taste. Add the fish that has been fried earlier. Stir slowly so that the fish is not destroyed. Delicious, healthy and nutritious Green Chili Fish is ready to serve.

How to serve Green Chili Fish: Put the Green Chili Fish in a clean, dry dish. Serve with rice, vegetables, and other side dishes.

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