How to Make Ladu Chips Typical Pariaman

Ladu Chips

About Lado Chips

Ladu Chips typical Pariaman is Ladu Arai Pinang Chips are often referred to as Ladu is a typical food from the region Pariaman, West Sumatra, Indonesia. Chips Ladu is a food made from rice flour.  This food is the usual snack made during Lebaran. But now it is made to be sold as a typical food Pariaman much in demand by the tourists.

Ladu chips made from the main ingredients of rice flour. It is called Ladu Arai Pinang Chips because this food is made using Arai Pinang which is a flower from Pinang tree. The aroma of Areca Areca is also distinctive and slightly fragrant. But now because to get the areca nut is hard, so many people start to leave this material and replace it with the printing tool in the form of glass mats and other prints.

The material used in the manufacture of areca nut is still a traditional one without preservatives. Typical ingredients are used so that the results are not hard is lime betel. Lime betel is a type of lime which is usually also used to eat betel. Read too : Fried Crispy Banana Chocolate

The ingredients used in cooking  Ladu Chips :

1 kg Rice flour which has been dried by heating above the skillet, an  egg chicken, Lime betel to taste, Margarine to taste, 1 liter of Hot Water, Cooking oil, Salt according to taste

Step to make Ladu Chips :

Heat 1 kg of rice flour over a skillet, then place it in a large saucepan. Boil 1 liter of water until boiling, enter whiting and salt. Enter little by little of this hot water into a pot that is covered with rice. Stir constantly damp. Enter the chicken eggs and margarine alternately, then stir until smooth so that the dough becomes soft and chewy so it can be printed with mold that has been prepared. Print the dough according to the desired print. When using areca nut, then the areca nut used should be freshly picked so that the aroma is fragrant. Heat the cooking oil in a frying pan. Fry the dough that has been printed earlier. Wait until golden yellow and drain. Ladu chips ready to serve.

How to serve Ladu Chips

Put Ladu chips into a tightly sealed container, and avoid direct moisture from sunlight.

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